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Small plants.

It was early morning and as usual I cycled towards the beach without any photographic objective in the head. Half way through the sun the sun had already been born and the quality light from there was not going to be great, I stopped a half way and I ended up photographing small plants that sometimes go unnoticed in the middle of the grove near a luxury urbanization.Read More

Water splash on rocks.

2016-10-08-abelharucas-beach-albufeira-rolandino-com-05244It was Sunday morning and I cycled to Belharucas Beach between the Açoteias and Olhos de Água (Albufeira, Portugal). This is the rocky beach closer to my home (50 minutes by bike), is the beach that makes the passage of sandy eastern Algarve to the rocky western Algarve.Read More

Ria Formosa morning mist.

2016-03-2016_ria_formosa_fog-0916The night before I had planned to go photograph the sunrise in the Ria Formosa (Algarve, Portugal), woke up early and after a 25 minute bike ride got to bridge the Quinta do Lago where there was a heavy fog and what I had planned would no longer be possible.
Read More