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At “Vapor” Restaurant & Beach Bar Ancão beach (Algarve, Portugal) is located the “Vapor” Restaurant & Beach Bar that have interesting architecture: circular structure is ultra-modern, made of steel, natural wood slats, glass and is located on the dunes just a few steps from the water’s edge.Read More

Boat wreckage on the beach. was early morning, the sun was not yet born and I walked along the beach of Quinta do Lago (Algarve, Portugal) in search of something interesting to photograph at sunrise, the tide was quite empty, the calm sea and saw something unusual in the water, as I approached I saw it was the wreckage of a ship that was probably dragged to the coast in stormy days.Read More

Coientrau bottle on the beach. 20 minutes by bike to “Julias” beach (Algarve, Portugal) to photograph the sunrise, but when I arrived the sky was cloudy and misty nothing interesting and I ended up walking the beach in search of something more interesting, after a hundred meters found a empty bottle of “Coientrau” in the sand, I liked its characteristic shape and color, decided to take some photographs. Read More