Old grocery shop - FaroWent for a walk with the family through the streets of Faro city (Algarve, Portugal) and found this old grocery store that is closed and abandoned, but it has one broken window from which came the light, in the other side, the door is closed but had a hole that allowed me take the picture.
The challenge was to capture the scene with a 35mm lens on a crop sensor camera that I have with me at that time through the small door hole, ended up taking 5 photos and merge as panorama in Adobe Lightroom.

2015-06-05 grocery shop LR screen

2015-06-05 grocery shop LR screen 2

Final result after adjustments and crop:
Old grocery shop - Faro

Nikon D90 + Nikkor AF-S 35mm f1.8 @  35mm,   f4 , 1/25 sec., ISO 800 (5 pictures panorama)